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    Subscription Levels


    As you upload the receipts weekly, the team will keep your records tidy and update the book-keeping software, giving you real-time information on your business. You will be invited to have a meeting with us a month before your year-end, so we can plan any appropriate tax savings, and again around a month after your year-end to sign the accounts off.


    Everything in Silver, but you will be invited to quarterly meetings with a member of our team and will be provided with basic management accounts on a monthly basis.


    Everything in Silver and Gold, but you’ll be invited to monthly meetings and we will provide you with bespoke management accounts on a monthly basis.

    Monthly Accountancy Subscription

    Allow Lumbview Accounts to help you stay safe and manage your accounts remotely with our digital services. Just fill in your basic information and complete the six questions below to obtain a price for your monthly subscription to our services. Then click sign up to provide us with further details and to arrange an appointment with one of our team.

    The Monthly Accountancy Subscription will include the following;

    • Subscription costs for unlimited users on Receipt Bank
    • Subscription costs for unlimited users on Xero or Quickbooks (you choose)
    • Completion of accounts with submission to Companies House (where appropriate)
    • Completion of tax returns for the company and personal with submission to HMRC
    • Completion and submission of your confirmation statement (where appropriate)
    • Completion and submission of your VAT returns (where VAT registered)
    • Completion and submission of your payslips and payroll data (where appropriate)
    • Free consultation with an independent financial advisor
    • Free consultation with a HR and employment law expert (if any non-director employees)
    • Free consultation with a business coach (if you choose the Platinum package)
    • All phone calls and meetings are inclusive, and our lines are open 8am to 6pm five days per week.