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Business Plan Services

If you’re starting a new company, you’ll need a great business plan. At Lumbview, we can help you by creating client-led business plans that can be used to attract investors. These plans will give you clear targets to aim for.

We’ve helped many small to medium-sized companies find their feet, and we’d like to help you find yours, too. If you’re starting a small business, we can help you write a business plan that will gear you up for growth.

We’re based in Swinton, near Manchester. Contact us today for help with your business plan.

The Importance of Business Planning

A great business plan is the blueprint of success. Business plans are a strategic tool that can be used to help you forge ahead with your goals. Without a plan, you may be lost in the dark. You may also struggle to make the connection you need with investors, clients, and partners.

Your Bespoke Business Plan Should Include:

  • Your key aims and objectives
  • Strategies to help your company grow
  • Marketing plans that identify target customers
  • Sales forecasts
  • Financial predictions

If you want to secure funding for your venture, you’ll need to have a professional plan that clearly communicates your company’s objectives.

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Our Business Plan Services

We offer a bespoke service that will help identify the opportunities within your initial concept. We’ll map out your company’s future, creating a document that you can use to seek investment or even to take out bank loans.

In our initial conversations with you, we’ll want to learn about your new senior management and their vision for your company. We’ll also want to know about their previous experience and to learn all about your plans for the short and long-term. Together, we’ll work out how you can achieve those goals.

Writing a business plan may be the last thing you can think of when your mind is buzzing with great ideas about the future, but it is a necessary step. Fortunately, it’s a step that can be carried out by our friendly and professional team here at Lumbview Accounts in Swinton. Speak to our team today and find out exactly how we can help you.

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How Our Business Plan Consultants Can Help You and Your Partners

Business Support

Business Support

We’ll help you with all elements of your business planning, from the basic business idea right through to executive summary and financial forecasts. Whether you’re a new start-up that’s building from the ground up, or you’re an established firm looking to increase your market segment, we’ll help create the plans that will take you where you want to go.


Help with finance management

Because of our related resources, we’ll help you develop cast-iron financial projections that will generate workable targets- allowing your company to thrive.

We’ll take some basic financial information from you and help you with the calculations and financial management.

Business Plans

Allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business

Starting a new business can be something of a juggling act. We know. We’ve been there too, and we’ve helped countless companies in the same situation as yourself.

Starting from scratch requires a lot of hard work and effort.

We’re here to help shoulder some of that burden for you. We’ll get our teeth into your financial forecasts, so you don’t have to. We can even give you some pointers on your mission statement and what type of market research other businesses in your field have carried out.

All the work that we do on your business plan will mean you can focus on the other aspects of starting your own company, such as engaging clients, sourcing materials or products and finding the perfect location from which to trade.

Contact Our Business Plan Writers for a Client-Led Approach

At Lumbview Accounts, we understand that every business is different. We put the needs of your business above everything else when we create a bespoke plan that will help drive you toward success.

From the moment you get in touch to discuss your business venture, up until you’re ready to start implementing your business plan, we’ll work closely with you to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Our small, friendly Manchester-based team are always on hand to take your call. We’ll arrange an initial consultation in which we’ll get to know a little about you, your business, any existing customers, and your target market.

For help with all of your business plan needs, get in touch today.

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Business Plan Frequently asked questions

Is a new business legally required to write a business plan?

No. But, while a business plan in itself is not a legal document, it will impact the way your business is run. It is, however, a great opportunity to plan how you’ll handle any legal issues connected with your company.

Our management team at Lumbview Accounts will talk you through all the necessary legal documents associated with starting a business including a company formation service.

Can an accountant add to my own business plan template?

Yes. If you’ve started working on a business plan using a template but are unsure where to go from there, we can help you take your business ideas and turn them into a workable document.

Many small businesses will use a free template to get themselves started and find that it just doesn’t cut it.

We recognise that writing business plans isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; for that reason, we’ll add detailed information to anything you bring us.

Will a business plan make financial projections for my small business easier?

It most certainly will. Having everything mapped out on paper will solidify your goals. Business plans are great documents to help you forecast for the future.

As a business startup, you won’t necessarily have the benefit of previous sales data to go on when it comes to forecasting. Our expert team will ensure you have a working plan that will allow you to prepare for your company’s future.