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Accounting Packages

Accounts Packages in Manchester

Accounting services are a crucial constituent of success for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

For small business owners, securing professional accounting services and, more specifically, the right professional accounting services for their business can make the difference between success and failure.

If you’re interested in securing the services of Lumbview Accounts, our SilverGold and Platinum packages are designed to meet the accounting needs of all small and medium businesses.

These packages include the opportunity to subscribe to a monthly accountancy plan tailored to help maintain and manage your finances remotely via our digital services.

To receive a quote for your business accounting needs, simply apply your business requirements and contact details to this simple form.

If, however, you’d like to learn more about the packages available and which is best for your business, we’ve created a helpful guide to Lumbview Accounts’ packages below.

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Our Accounting Packages Explained

Here at Lumbview Accounts, we make your accounts our business, and to do so, we provide a range of packages tailored to match any business requirements, from helping with your basic accounting needs to helping you manage all your business finances and taxes.

However, while the minutiae of each accounting package are particular to business type, niche and need, each monthly subscription is built upon the same foundational features and benefits.

These have been refined over time by our accountancy experts to ensure our clients receive the best possible service.

  • Inclusive phone calls/meetings (Monday-Friday between 8 am-6 pm).
  • Consultation(s) with an independent financial advisor for no additional fee.
  • Consultation(s) with an employment law professional (if any non-director employees) for no additional fee.
  • Consultation(s) with a business coach for no additional fee (for those who subscribe to a Platinum package).
  • Subscription costs for unlimited users on receipt-tracking application Dext (formally Receipt Bank).
  • Subscription costs for unlimited users on bookkeeping software of choice (Xero or Quickbooks online).
  • Complete management of accounts with submission to Companies House (where necessary).
  • Complete management of tax returns, including submission to HMRC.
  • Complete management and submission of your confirmation statement (where necessary).
  • Complete management and submission of your VAT returns (if VAT registered).
  • Complete management and submission of your payslips and payroll data (where necessary).

Business Accounts Packages Medium And Small

Fundamentally, our subscription packages can be divided into the aforementioned three standards, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Silver: As you upload the receipts weekly, the team will keep your records tidy and update the book-keeping software, giving you real time information on your business. You will be invited to have a meeting with us a month before your year-end, so we can plan any appropriate tax savings, and again around a month after your year-end to sign the accounts off.

Gold: Everything in Silver but you will be invited to quarterly meetings with a member of our team and will be provided with basic management accounts on a monthly basis.

Platinum: Everything in Silver and Gold, but you’ll be invited to monthly meetings, and we will provide you with bespoke management accounts on a monthly basis.

However, within those standards are numerous variables designed to let clients determine the influence that our team has when managing their accounts.

Featured variables include VAT registry, the option of receipt tracking applications (Dext), and online bookkeeping (Quickbooks, Xero).

It’s important to note that all of our packages can be tailored to help manage the finances of any small to medium business type.

As a result, whether you categorise your business as a Start-up, Sole Trader/Partnership, Limited Company, Charity, or Personal Finance, you can expect to benefit from the following additional protocols.

  • Access to the Lumbview Accounts list of vital services necessary for business success.
  • Bespoke service: our team will take great care to learn about you and your business to provide the optimal, company-specific service for you and your goals.
  • Client-first ethos: you can reduce or increase the influence of our accountancy experts at any time.
  • Access to premium small business accounting software, ensuring your business meets government accounting and tax regulations with precision.
  • Annual financial statements and performance meetings enable you to track the year-on-year progress of your business.
  • You’ll receive bespoke spending and budgeting recommendations that are designed to promote your business’ profitability and ongoing success.